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An Asian Music RP Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
An Asian Music RP Community

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Quick Add/Remove [13 Jul 2009|01:47am]

1. You have to be signed in as that user, like if you wanted to update Asagi's friends list you would sign in as romanticxgoth

2. Copy the following:



3. Then paste onto the console and press execute.
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Application [12 Jun 2009|01:31am]

ApplicationCollapse )
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Claims List [12 Jun 2009|01:27am]

claimsCollapse )
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MOD post~ [11 Jun 2009|11:23pm]

Hello all, long time no see I'm sure >>

anyway, i have a few announcements to make.

First off, I wanted to do a rollcall. See who's still playing, who still wants to play, and who simply doesn't answer (or does answer to say that they don't/don't want to play anymore).

Second, there is going to be a mod shift. Instead of having two of us on two different journals moderating the community, we will be using a common mod journal (inner_cosmosmod) for these types of posts and actions from now on. What this means for you is that, by talking to anyone listed as a mod, the changes can be made much more quickly than if all information needs to be filtered through me.

Also, I'm hoping there can be some changes around here to make the comm more appealing to new players, so there will probably be some changes happening in and around the comm itself. Possibly new rules (which you will be advised of when they go up), new application processes, and maybe some other things (not sure what yet, but, again, you'll be told when these things happen).

Anyway, if you can let me know who is still playing, or who is still interested in playing, that would be great.


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Drop [11 Jun 2009|01:46pm]

Dropping Loki~
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Dropping [08 Jun 2009|04:04pm]

Dropping Aki & Hide-Zou muse~
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[29 Mar 2009|10:20pm]

I'm sadly going to have to drop Kaoru for personal reasons. Thank you to those who played with me.
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Re-claim [09 Mar 2009|04:06pm]

Aki is back in action~
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CLAIMING~! Bou [08 Mar 2009|12:36am]

[ mood | cold ]

Your name/nickname: Momo/Usagi..

Your journal: like_xax_majik

Your muse (band): Bou (Ex An Cafe)

Your muse's journal: gift_of_heart

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: msn: like_xax_majik @ live . com, AIM: discothequemajik

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Claim [08 Mar 2009|01:55am]

Your name/nickname: Eden

Your journal: lieburied

Your muse (band): Daisuke, the studs (formerly Kagerou)

Your muse's journal: advancedinsane

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: damageddaisuke (aim), engravedsorrow@hotmail.com (msn)
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[07 Mar 2009|10:42pm]

Dropping Hiko dear ones...

She's just not feeling things anymore.
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Toshiya Claim [06 Mar 2009|04:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Your name/nickname: Hana

Your Journal: 

Your muse (band): Toshiya (Dir en grey)

Your muse's journal: 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger:
Venom of Sin

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Claim [16 Feb 2009|11:19pm]

Your name/nickname: Chris

Your Journal: none at lj

Your muse (band): Kaoru (Dir en grey)

Your muse's journal: jealousame

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: witheringmarrow (aim)
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Kaya Claim [15 Feb 2009|08:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Your name/nickname: Jake/Rockhopper (I like cliff diving. lol)

Your journal: don't have one yet

Your muse (band): Kaya (solo)

Your muse's journal: chocolatglitter 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: lost femininity 

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Claim [12 Feb 2009|05:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Your name/nickname: Usagi, Momo

Your journal: like_xax_majik 

Your muse (band): Uruha (The GazettE)

Your muse's journal: pandaxpon 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: Aim: DiscotheQueMajik MSN: like_Xax_majik @ live . com

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Claim [06 Feb 2009|08:39pm]

Your name/nickname: Eden

Your journal: lieburied

Your muse (band): Loki, Sugar

Your muse's journal: yourdarkfantasy

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: aim: darkfantasyloki, msn: engravedsorrow@hotmail.com
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Drop [05 Feb 2009|09:23pm]

Dropping Yasu, spellboundyasu. Please remove.
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Off Hiatus [28 Jan 2009|09:38pm]

Bakc in business for everyone. Thanks for waiting. 
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Dropping [23 Jan 2009|01:57pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Aki [japanese_badboy] is leaving for now and is taking Toshiya [sexual_choco] with him.

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Hiatus [14 Jan 2009|02:37pm]

Hiatus on Meguru, Zero, Hizumi, and Waka.
Probably two weeks. Family stuff.
If it takes longer I'll post again.
Thanks. <3
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hachimitsu daisuki koguma-chan, chaotic teddy bear on bass [14 Jan 2009|10:15am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Your name/nickname: Queenie

Your journal: toxic_chocolate

Your muse (band): Showchikubai Shiratori {Matsubou/Matsu} (Kishidan) aka. Hyde Sakurajima (DJ OZMA [Club Royale])

Your muse's journal: matsubou

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: chedda_chez @ hotmail.com/toxic_chocolate@aol.com.au {so I broke the nickname site, what of it}

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MEGURU [24 Dec 2008|03:31pm]

Your name/nickname: Hana

Your journal: puppetnation00 

Your muse (band): Meguru/Panic Channel

Your muse's journal: megumegupura 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: ichigoxxteizen

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Zero [11 Dec 2008|05:13pm]

Your name/nickname: hana

Your journal: puppetnation00 

Your muse (band): Zero (D'espairsRay)

Your muse's journal: zeroxhour 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: lie buried
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Waka [09 Dec 2008|01:50pm]

Your name/nickname: Hana

Your journal: puppetnation00 

Your muse (band): Waka (Danger Gang)

Your muse's journal: sex_potxrevenge 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: lie buried @ aim
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Hizumi [09 Dec 2008|01:48pm]

Your name/nickname: Hana

Your journal:  puppetnation00 

Your muse (band): Hizumi (D'espairsRay)

Your muse's journal: corpsedream 

Your MSN/AIM/other instant messenger: lie buried @ aim
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