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Inner Cosmos is a real-time Asian music RP Community. What happens in the real life of your muse (lives, tv appearances, photoshoots, tours, etc) happen in this rp, so please be aware of what is going on in your muse's actual life (as much as possible).

1. Be respectful of both the mods and each other. Any IC drama is to stay IC. I don't want to see or hear about people avoiding each other because of something that happened between their characters. This is just a game, and should be treated as such.

2. Much like rule 1: Any OOC drama is to stay OOC as much as possible. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved amicably between muns, please bring the problem to one of the mods. If the problem still cannot be resolved, then one or both muns will be asked to leave.

3. Every muse must have their own journal on livejournal.

4. You must be active for this rp to work. My definition of active is posting to your muse's journal ATLEAST once a month, as well as rping with other muses. If you are going to be away for any significant amount of time, please make an OOC post to the community, telling everyone how long you are going to be absent.

5. Everyone participating must have ATLEAST one instant messenger service to rp on. (MSN and AIM are prefered, as they are the most popular)

6. Only pick up as many muses as you are able to handle. The limit on muses for any mun is 5.


1. Before joining, please check here to see which muses have been taken.

2. Once you have looked at the claims list and have chosen a muse, please fill out the application here, and post it to that entry.

3. After your application has been accepted, join the comm with your MUSE'S journal and make a first post so that people can see who the new muses are.

4. Remember to friend all of the other muses, including new muses added after yours! You can do this quickly and easily by following the instructions here!

As stated before, please be courteous to your fellow rpers, whether it be on the comm or during rp sessions in instant messengers.

Just as a note, this community is yaoi/yuri/het/bi friendly. If you have a problem with any of this, then I would ask that you not join for your own peace of mind.

Please, no flaming and/or spamming on the community. Spamming in your muse's journal is fine, as long as it is within character. (ie. the person you are being actually does spam their own journal)

Mika (mikazuki_chan) Contact: (MSN) sun_princess71@yahoo.ca (AIM) elegantmyv
Miko (nelly_d) Contact: (MSN) miyavi_x_miyabi382@hotmail.com (AIM) bluesummers06
Eden (lieburied) Contact: (MSN) engravedsorrow@hotmail.com (AIM) hakueifantasy

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If you would like to affiliate with Inner Cosmos, please email your request to sun_princess71@yahoo.ca